We manufacture truly endless belts and filtration belts in full accordance with current rules on work, safety and enviromental protection with full transparency and coherence in managing and providing information to the interested third parties ( including Customers, Suppliers,Trade Unions,Banks, Local Communities, State, Local and National authorities…).

The Board of Directors, representing the majority of BeltTS partners, and its Workforce are confident that our commitments to Service and Product Quality will ensure our Company’s continued growth and profitability over time.

Truly endless belts for foldering and gluing machinery
Truly endless belts used in the cable industry as well as in the plastic industry on haul-off units.
Lateral curbs for slurry containment during working process.
Truly endless belts used in the food industry to separate meat from bones and sinews, used in poultry and fish processing as well as to get pulp or juice in vegetable/fruit processing.
Rubber belt used as outer barrier in table filters
Truly endless V-belts used in the woodworking industry on squaring, edging and tenoning machines.
Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter (HBF) for solid/liquid filtration equipment
Truly endless rubber belts for shot and sandblasting machinery
There are several processing conditions that range from the removal of surface oxides to the removal of cutting burrs, brushing, sanding, polishing or buffing.
Rubber belt used to press and to increase the filtration efficiency in rotatory drum filters
Rubber conveyor belt used in shredder machines
Bulk material positioning (moving, storing, loading for transport).
Truly endless belts used in the leather industry on roller dye coating machines.
Truly endless belts used in the woodworking industry on wide and narrow belt sanding-calibrating machines, edge sanding machines, planning and brushing machines.
Beltts is specialized in manufacturing belts for tracks used in snowgroomers applications.
Truly endless belts used in the woodworking industry on horizontal timber slicing machines for the production of veneers sheets.
Truly endless belts used in paper industry for cardboard tubes winding.
Belts for HBF plants protection and vacuum sealing.